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Call for Papers: Special Issue on Resources for Undergraduate Cryptology

The journal PRIMUS announces a special issue on resources for undergraduate cryptology. Stuart Boersma (Central Washington University), Chris Christensen (Northern Kentucky University), and Christian Millichap (Furman University) will guest edit the special issue. Description: Cryptology is an area that includes many topics and applications that are interesting and engaging for undergraduate mathematics majors. Additionally, cryptology also …

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Reviewing for Growth

I believe that PRIMUS has a very supportive review and editorial process, perhaps even distinctively supportive, and I wanted to reflect briefly on how and why. First, what do I mean by supportive? As an editor, I regularly get notes about how thoughtful and helpful the reviewers’ comments were for authors, and the journal is …

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Editors’ Picks 2021

One of the exciting elements of being the Communications Editor is that I get to connect people with the exciting papers in PRIMUS that I think will impact their professional work for the better. In support of this goal, Taylor & Francis allows us (Matt Boelkins, Kathy Weld, and me) to select papers each year …

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Idle Math Games

Intro With the invention of smartphones has come a new genre of video games commonly referred to as “idle games”. Frankly, I love them. The term “idle” comes from the fact that most of these games are designed to progress regardless of whether the player is logged into them (or really, they just recompile based …

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The comment I write most frequently as a reviewer or editor involves the word “traditional”. In most cases, I don’t think this word is doing what it needs to do, and in a lot of cases, I think it’s doing some harm. First, the term “traditional” doesn’t communicate anything about that tradition. Lots of authors …

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