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Curated Collection: Assessment

Curated Collection: Modeling and Applications

The PRIMUS Editorial team is pleased to announce our second Curated Collection on Modeling and Applications, by Ethan Berkove and Ben Galluzzo. This Curated Collection and ALL of the referenced papers will be freely available through January 2024!

Announcement of a Special Issue of PRIMUS: Sharing Lesson-specific Knowledge in Teaching Undergraduate Mathematics

A major issue facing undergraduate mathematics teaching is that much accumulated knowledge and wisdom about teaching specific lessons is lost as experienced instructors retire or leave for other reasons. While methods for sharing teaching knowledge do exist, most either speak to broader generalities in teaching or miss crucial details that would make the materials easier…

Call for Papers- Ethics in the Mathematics Classroom

What does it mean to use and practice Mathematics ethically? In our opinion, the professional community of mathematicians has not yet answered this question fully. Consequences of not addressing the ethics of our discipline have led to data-related scandals and sometimes questionable professional practices, and have contributed to decreased public trust in science. By integrating…

Editors’ Picks 2022

One of the exciting elements of being the Communications Editor is that I get to connect people with the exciting papers in PRIMUS that I think will impact their professional work for the better. In support of this goal, Taylor & Francis allows us (Matt Boelkins, Kathy Weld, and me) to select papers each year…

Real real-world problems problems

One of the most common conversations I have with authors is about my strong, negative reaction to the term real-world. I believe that this seemingly-innocuous term embeds a problematic ideology in at least two related ways. Let me explain: Real-world problems implies the existence of rational-/natural-world problems. I think that most people use the term…

Call for Papers- Teaching Linear Algebra: an International Perspective

PRIMUS is pleased to announce a new special issue, “Teaching Linear Algebra: an International Perspective”.  Linear algebra is the mathematics of the 21st Century and makes the digital world work. In our fast-growing technological world, advancement in industry relies heavily on linear algebra, and it is becoming ever more critical for future employees to be…


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