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Real real-world problems problems

One of the most common conversations I have with authors is about my strong, negative reaction to the term real-world. I believe that this seemingly-innocuous term embeds a problematic ideology in at least two related ways. Let me explain: Real-world problems implies the existence of rational-/natural-world problems. I think that most people use the term …

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Call for Papers- Teaching Linear Algebra: an International Perspective

PRIMUS is pleased to announce a new special issue, “Teaching Linear Algebra: an International Perspective”.  Linear algebra is the mathematics of the 21st Century and makes the digital world work. In our fast-growing technological world, advancement in industry relies heavily on linear algebra, and it is becoming ever more critical for future employees to be …

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Call for Papers: Special Issue on Resources for Undergraduate Cryptology

The journal PRIMUS announces a special issue on resources for undergraduate cryptology. Stuart Boersma (Central Washington University), Chris Christensen (Northern Kentucky University), and Christian Millichap (Furman University) will guest edit the special issue. Description: Cryptology is an area that includes many topics and applications that are interesting and engaging for undergraduate mathematics majors. Additionally, cryptology also …

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Reviewing for Growth

I believe that PRIMUS has a very supportive review and editorial process, perhaps even distinctively supportive, and I wanted to reflect briefly on how and why. First, what do I mean by supportive? As an editor, I regularly get notes about how thoughtful and helpful the reviewers’ comments were for authors, and the journal is …

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Editors’ Picks 2021

One of the exciting elements of being the Communications Editor is that I get to connect people with the exciting papers in PRIMUS that I think will impact their professional work for the better. In support of this goal, Taylor & Francis allows us (Matt Boelkins, Kathy Weld, and me) to select papers each year …

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