Special Issues and Curated Collections

PRIMUS has two formats that allow readers to find and connect paper related by themes.

Special Issues:

One way these collections have been formed is through the long-standing tradition of Special Issues, in which guest editors invite, help develop, and editorialize a set of papers that are published together consecutively in the journal. For the first time, readers can search for these special issues.

Curated Collections:

However, not all of the big themes in the journal are represented by special issues, and some themes have continued to develop since the publication of a special issue, so we are introducing a new structure called Curated Collections, in which guest editors search through the PRIMUS archives and write a novel synthesis and editorial about this collection of papers. These editorials will appear as a published articles in the journal (with their own DOI), as well as in the form of a blog post on this website. The blog posts will be archived as sub-pages in the menu above.

We welcome nominations for future curated collection and special issues themes.